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WoW Holy/Disc Priest Raiding Guide

Wrath of the Lich King Holy Priest Talent Tree July 20, 2008

Just checked out the new talent tree for holy priests in the new expansion WotLK.

(Update: This is the holy talent spec that I use:

I tried raiding without the pushback effect talent (Healing Focus), and found I had no troubles at all with healing.

Some new talents I’m excited to see in action are:

Serendipity (3 points)
If your Greater Heal or Flash Heal spells overheal the target for greater than 50%, you are instantly refunded 60% of the spell’s mana cost. 

I thought that was nice how they singled out greater heal and flash heal, because those two spells are a priests best friend (aside from circle of healing of course).

Improved Holy Concentration (3 points)
Increases the chance you’ll enter holy concentration by 10% and also increased your spell haste by 60% for the next three greater heal, flash heal or binding heal spells after you gain holy concentration, last for 20 seconds.

I was really excited that they added some spell haste into the talents.  That way, those that don’t want to stack spell haste don’t necessarily have to.  Or those that do, get an even faster bonus every so often.

Test of Faith (3 points)
Increases healing by 15% and spell critical effect chance on friendly targets at or below 50% health.

How awesome is this one!  50% or below is a huge margin especially on a tank who has 20k hitpoints.  I’m very impressed by this talent.  I would have thought the percentage would have been around 30% as a kind of saviour for the person you are healing, so the fact it sits at 50% or below is just fabulous.  Beware of lazy priests! You may not get a heal if you aren’t below 50% health… ha!

Guardian Spirit (1 point, Instant Cast, 6% of base mana, 3 min cooldown)
Calls upon a guardian spirit to watch over the friendly target. The spirit increases the healing received by the target by 40% and also prevents the target from dying by sacrificing itself. This sacrifice terminates the effect but heals the target of 10% of their maximum health. Lasts 10 seconds.

6% of base mana for myself at the moment is around 650 mana so I don’t think that’s too bad for this 3 minute cooldown spell.  I have a question about this one though, when do you think it would be most useful? Would you treat it as a spell to use when things are going very pear shaped and use it on a raid member?  Would you use it on the tank as often as you could?  Or would you save it for yourself for those not so often but scary moments when you gain aggro and use it as a ‘holy crap Im going to die’ type spell?  I’d like to know what you think!

I believe we will also be getting a new spell called Divine Hymn.

Divine Hymn (Instant Cast, 750 mana, 10 min cooldown)

You recite a holy hymn, granting your party protection from attackers. Any attacks done to you or your party will cause the attacker to be afflicted by sleep for 20 sec. Divine Hymn will last 10 sec.
10 min cooldown

Sure it has a 10 minute cooldown, but will be awesome to use in a desperate situation. Can’t wait!


3 Responses to “Wrath of the Lich King Holy Priest Talent Tree”

  1. Sunae Says:

    Ive been playing a lvl 80 holy priest on beta…I LOVE IT! I am so happy with the changes. My main is a priest and before now I hated healing anything other than pvp. Wrath has made in so much more fun and interesting.

  2. Lizor Says:

    Well Im using guardian spirit for those time when tank risks to die. When a boss goes into frenzy or the tank is just very low on hp then this is a very good complement if the tank cant use last stand or such.

  3. Lizor Says:

    And btw the cost of guardian spirit is very cheap, 212 i think. Remembe base mana is the mana you got without any gear or buffs on.

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